Home and Away

I’ve taken some leave from the project so that i could sort some things at home. However i can say i’ve found a couple of interesting things to take a gander at.

Firstly i was told about BackTrack – a pervaisive network security toolkit that works on the same principles as our project, the supply of required tools to the people who need them. I have to say there are some interesting things on it which are pretty cool.

Secondly i found out about Slax and thier web based iso builder, its pretty nifty. Basically rather than having to make a config file i.e. a kickstart file, you can self build the package and download it from the slax website. So if all else fails we have the web package builder to look into.

Even better than both of them, i’ve finally managed to move into my room for uni. Yey! So now i have a house, or will do in a few hours (train journey from birmingham to lincoln).

UnConference – It all begins

Im here at the Open Source Schools first national UnConference in Nottingham with Karl L, Karl and Cornelia. As soon as we arrived we we’re greeted by some great news, the Sugar On A Stick presenter has swine flu and would we be so kind as to host a 30 minute session. No pressure at all, I’m not sweating in the slightest – Oh and there’s a flying pig. So put on the spot we’re hopefully going to shamelessly plug in the CODEX project as well as talk a little on the OLPC.

We have prepared a flyer which you can see here with a hope of handing them about but i think now they are our lifeline for content to talk about in our little presentation.

I have to go and practise, wish me luck 🙂

Day 22 – Back and ready to rumble

After my 2 week camp I’m now back at Lincoln and ready to continue the CODEX 2 project. Karl has briefed me up on the progress made over the weeks I’ve been away such as the kick start package being released as well as the creation of some new tutorial documentation.

On the Monday Cornelia, Karl and I had an informal meeting to discuss the project and it was found that James still had material we hadn’t looked at on Github so we need to follow this up and take a look. Also the Unconference has been confirmed and we are able to attend. With this in mind Karl and I have been tasked to create a CODEX 2 project flyer for the event so that we can get ourselves and our project known to other open source goers.

Over the next couple of days I’ll also need to look at the new kickstart package given to us by Sabastian as well as locate some useful tutorial information for our own bookmark collection.