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After getting into contact with the guys at #sugar a project is underway to create an Edu spin of fedora and thus requires the following;


The features list is currently in the brainstorm phase.

package included notes
sugar-desktop x sort additional dependencies out
gnome-desktop x remove unneeded stuff
kdeedu x tools to look good in gnome
firefox x bookmark package needed
xchat-gnome x default changes to be added
python x including pygame and numpy
openoffice x writer, math, calc and impress are in
inkscape x  
gimp x  
eclipse x whole eclipse group including python and rpm support
development tools x stuff like gcc, make, autoconf
latex x included the lyx editor
octave x  
gnuplot x  
virtualization x qemu and packages for hardware support
moodle x pulls php in
sugar-jhbuild   not included yet, needs to be packaged


Phase 1

  • Background research into the OLPC and sugar software (on going)
  • Study of the XO software base and existing applications
  • Study of the results from last years project
  • Review the required updates from last years projects

Phase 2

  • Update current Live! CD
  • Develop and enhance the integration of the sugar interface and ubuntu development
  • Research and develop a CODEX bootable USB to run a distro of Linux and sugar combination

Phase 3

  • Develop a range of applications for use within the sugar environment
  • Update CODEX 1 tutorial guide
  • Develop CODEX 2 website and repository (github – development of XO applications)

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